Celebrate Read Across CA w/ Some of Our Favs

Opinions Are Like Belly Buttons…

…everybody has one. That said; here are some of our opinions on what you shouldn’t miss when choosing a FREE story to read this weekend! Yes, all “Webtime Stories” are FREE all weekend long in celebration of Read Across California. What’s your cup of tea? Clever & funny? Educational? Short and sweet? Let us help you get the ball rolling.

What’s more clever than a send up of the classic Poe short story  “The Tell-Tale Heart”? Author Natalie Rompella adapts the theme and tells the VERY amusing story of:

Edgar_Allan_and_Poe_and_the_Tell_Tale_Beets“Edgar, Allen and Poe and the Tell-Tale Beets” Cleverly written by Natalie Rompella; colorfully illustrated by Francois Ruyer.




Here are 2 more clever stories for your consideration:

When Pigs FlyHot_Hands_and_the_Weirrdo_Winter

“When Pigs fly”   by Valerie Coulman / Illustrated by Roge

“Hot Hands and the Weirdo Winter”                     by Derrick Brown /                                       Illustrated by Matthew Carver

Want to make your storytelling experience short and sweet? Might I recommend…

“Animals Are Sleeping” by Suzanne SladeAnimals-are-sleeping
Illustrated by Gary R. Phillips

“Too Many Kitties” by Jeff Clineff Too_Many_Kitties           Illustrated by Marina Movshina

“What If the Moon” by Tracy Ahrens     Illustrated by Tracy AhrensWhat_if_the_Moon





Educational books are, more often than not, quite clever and engaging. Here are 3 winners that will keep any kid’s gray matter engaged and maturing.

“Meet the Planets” by John McGranaghan / Illustrated by Laurie Allen Klein

“If You Were a Parrot” by Katherine Rawson / Illustrated by Sherry Rogers

“My Half Day” by Doris Fisher and Dani Sneed / Illustrated by Karen Lee

Educational Books

And hey, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by too many choices, let me remind you that throughout the month of March you can buy one story and get one FREE! Perfect time to “Dog-ear” a story using the link, right on the book page. Then it will be saved to your Account for your next visit.  As easy as PIE!

But don’t take our word for it. Dive into the great, big pool of stories and see for yourself.

Happy storytelling!