Do You Hear Voices?

Well, hopefully you hear just one and it is while you are reading.  While we read as adults, we hear ourselves reading aloud, inside of our heads.  This is something I never really thought about or talked about before it came up in a graduate class last year.  It is important to let young readers know that they should hear themselves read in their head as they read silently.  As they get older and do more silent reading, they will be using their inner reading voice more and more.  If they are not hearing this voice while they are reading silently they are falling prey to a simply termed phenomena called “fake reading”.








Young readers should be doing everything that good readers do with their inner reading voice as they read silently.  These include stopping to re-read portions if they lose meaning.  They would also use this voice to sound words out, to ask questions, make predictions and make connections.  Being aware of their inner reading voice encourages children to use their meta-cognitive skills.  This is a fancy way of saying they are aware of what is going on in their head as they read and learn.