Go Check Them Out!

I thought I would sing the praises of my local libraries again. Libraries provide our children with so many different choices that build motivation to read. I would dare any child to walk into a library and NOT want to walk out with a book. IMPOSSIBLE, I tell you!

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Most libraries have a plethora of social activities for everyone from toddlers to retirees. These include storytime, book club, featured speakers, puzzles, playthings, aquariums, listening stations, computers loaded with educational software and more! My children and I have taken advantage of many of these offerings.

My girls are now in school and get to visit their school libraries every week to check books out. However, I am still taking advantage of my local library’s offerings. Currently, my local library is providing me with books on CD in order for me to listen to novels on my way home each day.  As a reading specialist at a middle school, I wanted to be familiar with the literature selections that each grade level chooses to study and so far I have found every single one at my local library on CD. I love my local libraries!!!


2 thoughts on “Go Check Them Out!

  1. Thanks, Laura for your story. I remember fondly taking Abby and Cassie to your library and their excitement and “ownership” in picking out their books..
    I was always a slow reader and struggled through my college years.. Consequently, I always picked the “thinner” books and my comprehension was “low”. Last year, as a retired “elder, I discovered the large print book area at my library.. A whole new era has opened to me. I read a book in 2 – 3 days and savor the stories. My children are fascinated at my constant reading in my latter years. I’m sure many,many elders are enjoying the same experience.
    Yes, I feel libraries are wonderful as I check out 6 books at a time!

  2. I just love the smell of 100 thousand books along side of the peace and quiet. Shhhhhhhhhh……

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