Books that Educate

Sometimes there is nothing better than reading for fun. Good ol’ fluffy reading. For my girls that would be Junie B. Jones or Ramona books. They can easily identify with and connect to the character and we have some good laughs together with these books.

There are other reasons to reading with and/or to your child and that would be to expose them to some new thinking. Some good examples of these books are found in the category of “Books that Educate” in the Be There Bedtime Stories bookstore. From numbers to nature to outer space, these books are fun to read and bring some new learning opportunities to the table.

My girls received the story of Meet the Planets by John McGranaghan from their Aunt. After reading about the planets she encouraged the girls to pick a favorite planet and asked them why they picked it. She also asked them to guess which planet was her favorite. She gave them some time to guess and then told them what her choice was. They then had the chance to tell their aunt their favorite planet when they sent the thank-you response. They most likely won’t have any formal lessons on the solar system until third-grade, but this book gave them the beginning of background knowledge on it. This
background knowledge will come in handy when they get there in that third-grade
science class!


One thought on “Books that Educate

  1. I’ll step out here and thank Sylvan Dell Publishing for such a great selection of educational books. Great art and great stories. Meet the Planets is part of their collection and one of my favorites. It seems like if you can grab them with some cool art and a little rhyme and silliness, they can be roped in to the experience. I guess it’s kind of like putting a little melted cheese on their broccoli, yes?

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