Banana Splits and Books

Ice cream, check.

Sprinkles, check.

Bananas, check.

Candy toppings, check.

Today is the last day of school for my girls so we are 
celebrating!  I borrowed this idea from my mom.  Growing up, the last day of 
school for my siblings and I included the same celebration.  Last-day-of-school 
build your own sundaes!  Friends and neighbors invited too!  This was one of those 
isolated events in my memory as a child being a very special time.  We all have 
them.  They are snapshots of singular experiences when we were young that stay 
with us through all of our years.  Often these memories are only activated when 
we go through a similar experience with our own children.

Books in the home provide other powerful images that come to 
my mind.  I discovered soon after having kids and reading to them that some 
books unleashed very familiar, yet distant memories. Some books I remember
 well, others I didn’t even recall until I opened a book up and the images and
 language all came back.  Some of them are oldies but goodies like Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice
 Sendak and some are unknown gems such as Clyde of Africa by Michael Mason.

These are experiences that had an imprint on us.  As parents 
we all have the opportunity to create these imprints on our own children and
 that is a very cool thing to have.  What imprints do you have from YOUR 
childhood and which ones do you want to create for your own children?

Having received and sent countless Be There Bedtime
Stories, my children will have memories of reading experiences that I never had.  
I wonder which ones they have tucked away in the recesses of their minds that
 will come back to visit them again someday…