Grow a Reader!

It is springtime! We are thawing out from a cold winter here in the midwest. We are approaching our frost-free date which is May 15th. This is the day we wait for before planting any annuals or vegetable gardens. It is advised to hold off on planting anything outdoors in order to avoid any overnight frosts that may do harm to our new little projects.

I also continue to grow my little readers inside the house as well. That is something I can do year round! Did you know that reading is different than word calling? Some children can word call beautifully, sounding out words and pronouncing them correctly, but without comprehending what they are reading it is not going to help them in school or in life. It is a domino effect. If kids have limited ability to comprehend what they read, they won’t have an opportunity to connect with it. Consequently, they will not find the act of reading enjoyable. They will avoid doing it and then get little practice in reading. They will be a frustrated reader and their reading growth will be stagnant and go nowhere.

There are many simple things parents can do as they read to or with their child. In the weeks to come, here at the Fablers Forum, look for simple reading strategies that are easy to use at home with your children every time you read. Incidentally, a very parent friendly read on reading comprehension is 7 Keys to Comprehension; How to Help Your Kids Read It and Get It! By Susan Zimmermann and Chryse Hutchins.


2 thoughts on “Grow a Reader!

  1. I will look out for that book – it sounds like a good one. How can I connect with Fablers Forum so that I don’t miss out on any reading tips?

  2. Hi there,
    Great question! If I recall correctly, as long as you register with Be There Bedtime Stories (no cost involved) using the link in the right margin of their website, then you will automatically receive updates.

    FYI, the Storyblogger is ‘formerly known as’ the Fabler’s Forum from Be There Bedtime Stories. Happy reading!

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