Emerging Readers

Are you still looking for ways to encourage your young child to read? Would you like to instill in your child a love of books? With your help, kids from toddlers to preschoolers can get a head start on the road to reading, even if they cannot yet read themselves. Here are a few suggestions help get you started from : – www.essortment.com

• Return to your child’s favorite books again and again. Make books available to your child at all times by placing them on a shelf within easy reach. This invites your child to look at books whenever he desires.

• Encourage preschoolers to “write” their own books. Let your child dictate stories or the events of the day to you, and write them down word for word. Allow her to add artwork or pictures cut from magazines. Then, read the book back to your child.

• As your child grows, look for books on subjects that are of special interest to his experiences and expanding knowledge.

Reading to our children can do more than simply help them excel in school; reading to them can instill a love of books that will last them a lifetime.


2 thoughts on “Emerging Readers

  1. Reading aloud to children is a great way to encourage kids to love books and it’s a bonding time for parent and child. Curl up together and make reading a pleasurable experience. If the child enjoys the time spent together s/he will want to repeat it again and again.

  2. Recently I was reminded of one of my favorite books as a kid. Anyone remember the book “Harold and the Purple Crayon?” I must have read that book 100 times. It made the top 50 list here:
    Over and over again, reading the same story. These fresh little brains are just
    absorbing every bit of text and every concept before them just trying to put the pieces together in their developing gray matter.

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