Car wash lines and books… Who knew???

I was stuck at a car wash today. The sun has re-appeared in our corner of the world and I discovered I could not see out of any of my windows so it was time. Stuck is probably the wrong word because a nice little moment happened. Realizing I was not alone (my four year old was with me) I reached for her preschool folder to help keep us occupied. Inside were two books that she was reading in class and she asked to read them to me. Suddenly I was no longer in a car wash line, but blissfully listening to my proud little four year old take over. The stage was hers. She couldn’t wait to read to me. She didn’t stop at just the two books. She then showed me what she did on her worksheet packet where they were graphing candy hearts and the heart maze she completed on another worksheet. Wow! Who was this forthcoming four-year-old??

This made me realize the many distractions at home that prevent this from happening (with the exception of bedtime when she is only attempting to put off the inevitable). This is my preschooler who can hardly seem to recall what they had for snack each day, much less tell me about what they read today in class. Taking the basic skill of reading and re-packaging it does wonders in showing what your young one can do. Our new ‘package’ was being inside a car, waiting in line.

When my daughters send a Be There Bedtime Story to an aunt, uncle, grandparent or buddy down the street they get to practice their reading in a slightly un-conventional way. It allows them to show what they know using a different medium rather than conventional books (not that there is anything wrong with conventional books!). Reading a story online using a webcam just ‘repackages’ one of the most entertaining past-times we have and gives it a fresh new spin.

I also learned that I really do need to keep my car cleaner. I can’t wait to go back to the car wash. I hope there is a line…


4 thoughts on “Car wash lines and books… Who knew???

  1. I suppose in order to simulate the “stuck in the car” scenario we should keep our distractions tucked away until we actually need them. Laptops go in the drawer. Cell phone goes there too. Close the door to the TV cabinet and tuck away those video games. Keep the books and the arts and crafts front and center (with, perhaps, a little lipstick applied).

    Seriously, whether you have kids or not ( I do not). When was the last time you picked up a crayon?

    It kind of reminds me of my mother hiding the candy. This gave broccoli and apples a fighting chance. And now? I do like my broccoli and I love a good apple.

  2. I have had a few ‘stuck in the car’ reading opportunities myself. It is amazing how the kids flourish when we really give them our full attention! So very many distractions at home.

  3. Thanks for sharing that. It’s a nice story and a great reminder of us to use all opportunities presented to us (or manufactured by us) to connect with our kids. Reading is one of the great ways to do that. I’ve read to my 2 year old every singe night of her life (save one where I was too ill) before tucking her into bed. I’m at work all day and so cherish these times together. Thanks again for sharing. Have a lovely weekend. Oh, and go wash your car!

    • Wow, every night! That is something to be proud of! It is the best investment we can make! I can’t help but wonder how different our classrooms would look if every parent did that! Thanks for your comment!

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