Blizzards and Books

We have had a lot of quality reading time here in the Blizzard Belt lately! It seems like the snow will just not go away. We add even a few more inches of snow today!  However, I do remember how gorgeous spring is for all of my senses when it arrives. There is a light at the end of the tunnel at this point and I believe Tuxapawnee Phil can back me up on that one.

In the meantime, with many more snow bound hours of reading ahead of us, here are a few more suggestions for reading time with your young one from I can’t help but see how they all apply for a great Be There Bedtime Story reading experience as well. Making the most of your reading time helps grow that reader of yours!

· Before reading a particular book to your child, be sure to read it through once to yourself. This way, you can identify areas you might want to concentrate on later when you read it aloud.

· Be enthusiastic as you read. Show excitement, point to illustrations, and let your tone change with the story. It’s fun to give the characters different voices, too. Make sure to give your child time to look at the pictures and ask questions. When words or phrases are repeated in a story, encourage your child to say them.

· After you’re finished reading, discuss the book with your child. Find parallels between experiences in the book and those in your child’s life to add greater depth and meaning to the story.

At the same time, make it simple both for yourself and the lucky person who gets to hear the story. If you can’t incorporate all three strategies above, focus on just one! The payoff is huge!


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  1. Have you ever wanted to touch a child heart? this is a great forum to do just that. I can remember a book my mother read to me every night and to this day I say to my son before he sleeps, Nite Moon! Books make a lasting impression of your kids, grandkids and all kids at heart.

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