An organization worth noting

The many daily duties a parent fulfills each day can be easily taken for granted – juice in, juice out; cut the crusts; make the lunches for school; where’s the other snow boot; did teeth get brushed; Even bedtime stories at the end of one of those long, seemingly never-ending days can fall under the category of ‘chore’ from time to time. Imagine your job takes you half way around the world, as is the case with so many of our men and women in service. They lose the opportunity to have their little ones crawl up and sit beside them for a good story at a moment’s notice.

This week I want to mention an organization out there called Blue Star Families This is a grass-roots organization that supports a myriad of families’ needs and Be There Bedtime Stories has teamed up with them to provide FREE bedtime stories from YOU! Whether you’re a storyteller or not, you can donate a bedtime story on our website – and we’ll even cover half the price. For just $5.99 you can make a kid smile! Or even a general donation to this organization can give families so much more.

During the first month of our partnership with Blue Star Families, storytellers have donated more than 100 stories to the families of our troops. That’s 100 smiles, 100 family connections, 100 ways we can make a difference in the lives of soldiers while they serve our country. Parents can ‘be there’ for their kids and kids can even read back and ‘be there’ with their parents, in this very unique way. This is family bonding that simply did not exist for these families before now.

Read more about this new partnership by clicking this link: As for me, I am off to corral my four and seven-year olds up to the sofa to read a good book. Lucky me.