Your only investment is time…

Are you looking for ways to encourage your young child to read? Would you like to instill in your toddler a love of books? With your help, toddlers and preschoolers can get a head start on the road to reading, even if they cannot yet read themselves. Here are a few suggestions help get you started from : –

· First, and foremost, read aloud to your child, no matter how young. Infants love to hear their parent’s voice. Reading to your child not only provides a valuable learning experience, but it can become a treasured family activity.  Be There Bedtime Stories adds an entirely new dimension to reading aloud. After recording a story for a loved one, they will have it to look at for years to come.


· Be a role model. Parents can set a good example by showing that they enjoy and benefit from reading at home.

· Make regular visits to your local library, and be sure to elicit the help of the children’s librarian. There are a number of library resources available to help you choose books, such as reading lists and lists of award-winning books.

The rewards you will reap are priceless.


One thought on “Your only investment is time…

  1. Sometimes very young children seem to have more interest in reaching for the page of the book than listening to the story. If this happens, simply put a small stuffed animal in the child’s hands and keep the book just out of reach. That will keep his/her hands occupied while you continue reading. When it’s time to turn the page, bring the book closer and allow the child to interact with the book by turning the page. Happy reading.

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