Hello Everyone!

Greetings fellow storybook lovers!
After both receiving and sending a number of Be There Bedtime Stories with the webcam, I have learned a lot of things myself about the process. I would like to share a couple big ones.

It all started with a couple stories from grandma and Aunt Ali. It didn’t take long before my 6 year old wanted to read a story back to grandma and grandpa and then aunts and uncles too. Now they had the joy of seeing their first granddaughter/neice reading to THEM! Building quality family experiences around literacy is such a powerful thing to be doing for my children.

I received my Masters in Teaching 15 years ago and have taught in elementary schools for more than 10 years (taking a few years off in the middle there to start my family). I am now working towards my endorsement as a reading specialist in the state of Illinois and so it goes without saying that I see the educational value in Be There Bedtime Stories as well as the warm and fuzzy one!

In the upcoming weeks I will continue to post to this blog, highlighting the value of sharing this literacy experience with family regularly. I hope you enjoy this blog and feel compelled to share some of your own experiences in literacy!